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Hello and welcome to our Contact Page. Here you can leave us a message about anything you wish to talk to us about. I promise that I am a real person and I will answer every email that comes in so go ahead and leave us a message. We will help you in any way that we can.

We now have a osTicket Site to help out so you can click the link below and submit a Support Ticket to us and it will be the same Support Site for not on Great Bitcoin Strategies but also HBM. So click the Link below that says Submit A Ticket and send us a Support Ticket if you are having problems logging in or the site is not working properly. For all other types of Support like Sponsor/Team Leader Support use the personal Contact emails below for myself, Kris Ellis and Sandra Hibbard. Thank you very much and have a great day.

Owner: Charles McClure:
3026 Peachtree St.
Apt. 706
Corpus Christi, Texas 78410
Phone: 361-876-7908

Co-Owner: Coach Kris Ellis
388 Bullsboro Drive
Suite 119
Newnan, Ga 30263
Phone: 404-590-4562

Partner: Sandra Hibbard:
691 N. Allison Ave
Apt 32
Barbourville KY 40906
Phone: 606-312-7755

For help with Great Bitcoin Strategies just click the Help Desk Icon and we will help you in anyway that we can. Have a good day.

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