Our Terms of Service:

Hello and welcome to my Terms of Service Page. Here you will find all the Terms you must follow in order to be a part of Great Bitcoin Strategies. Please read this page carefully. Any breaking of the Terms and Conditions will result in your account being suspended. Now we have the right to change these Terms at any time for any reason so please keep coming here and checking them regularly as we may not inform you by email. But as a rule we will inform everyone by email if the Terms change.

Term One: Personal Information: Every person who joins Great Bitcoin Strategies must join with their real information. That means real name and real email address and if we send an email to you to verify your email address and you do not verify your email address within the allotted time your account will be replaced. We do not have time for fake information on this site. We want real people that want to make a real residual income online and really want to learn and work the plan.

Term Two: Refund Policy: Great Bitcoin Strategies at this time will not refund any purchases for any products sold or any upgrades. If you upgrade in this site and wish to cancel your upgrade just go into your PayPal or Payza account and cancel the subscription. Then send me a email message from the contact page and let me know and I will downgrade your account to free member. This means that you will be a Corporal member and will not have access to what your previous upgraded position gave you, you will only be able to access free member information.

Term Three: Non-Active Accounts: To ensure that only active participants stay in Great Bitcoin Strategies and we do not get people who just want to say they joined a program, I have decided to start replacing the accounts of non-active Members by placing active members who are working in those spots.

If you do not want to stay here and work in Bitcoin Sites then please unsubcribe in order for me to be able to place another in your spot.

We are real people here trying to help real people who want to work at building a residual income online so we will not tolerate non-active members unless they are upgraded above free level. I hope you all can understand this. Now if you do not want to be bothered by working our Strategies but you want to keep your account here at Great Bitcoin Strategies then you may join for free and then go to your Upgrade Page and upgrade to any level higher than free.

Term Four: Active Accounts: Those who choose to work our Strategies must join all the programs we have in Great Bitcoin Strategies under their Sponsor/Team Leader. That includes the CG Marketing Academy Face Book Group we have to help train everyone. You must be active in the Group and that means daily if you have questions and need help and answers. You must definitely be active in the Group every week. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook then it should not be a problem for you to participate in our Facebook Group. Any one who needs to be off of the Facebook Group for a while due to Vacations or sickness and any health issues for themselves or family may let us know and we will not suspend or delete your account. Just send me a message through the Contact Page or leave us a message on the Facebook Group.

Term Five: Downline Integridy: Each member of Great Bitcoin Strategies is expected to help their Team grow. The Downline Builder is set up so that each member of Great Bitcoin Strategies should have all of their Affiliate IDs inserted and saved in the Downline Builder but in the case that your Sponsor/Team Leader has not joined a program yet or has not upgraded in a program or both, you need to contact your Sponsor ie.. Team Leader to make sure they have joined each program and inserted their Affiliate ID into their Downline Builder before you fill out your Downline Builder.

Then once everything falls in line you should make sure your Sponsor/Team Leader has upgraded in each program before you upgrade. This ensures Team Cohesion and Team Building. That is what you must do for your affiliates who join Great Bitcoin Strategies through your referral link that they do not join a program until you have and that they do not upgrade before you do in any of the programs we have here for you to join in Great Bitcoin Strategies.

Term Six: Payouts: Payouts will be made on the 1st and 15th of each month once you have over $10.00 in unpaid Commissions in your account. If you have less than $10.00 your funds will be held over each pay period until you have over $10.00 in unpaid commissions.

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